Women’s co-working space the Wing has announced that they’ll be allowing presidential candidate and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker to speak in their hallowed millennial-pink halls.

The announcement comes after some members of the $185- to $250-a-month female-focused space voiced outrage over a recent influx of males, saying men have been taking up too much space, hogging phone booths and, worst of all, hitting on members in a space designed to be a sanctuary for women.

“There’s usually at least one [man] whenever I visit,” Kaitlin Phillips, 29, a member in one of the group’s New York locations told The Post recently. “It’s bizarre to choose to occupy a space women specifically wanted for themselves. Classic patriarchal entitlement complex.”

But leaders from the Wing tweeted Thursday that actually, their members are fine with at least some men — namely, presidential candidates.

“In the summer, we polled Wing members & nearly 90% were in favor of inviting male presidential candidates to The Wing,” a message from the Wing’s official Twitter account read.

Next week, they’ll be welcoming Booker, who recently failed to meet the Democratic National Committee’s polling thresholds to appear in last month’s Los Angeles debate.

The Wing’s town hall-style meeting will be moderated by AM Joy host Joy Reid.

“We believe we have the power to drive a conversation that centers women’s issues that so often get left out of the debates — including reproductive rights, childcare and equal pay,” the Wing added. “Civic & political engagement are at the core of our mission — & throughout 2020, Wing members will have the chance to get to know candidates firsthand, ask tough questions & hold leaders accountable (as well as register voters, phonebook & build community through civic action).”

They say this will be one of many town halls, all of which will be moderated by a woman.

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