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After 30 hours of research and 40 hours testing the top contenders over the past four years, we’ve found the Tile Pro is the best Bluetooth tracker for keeping tabs on your stuff. It has longer range, a louder alarm, and a larger crowd-finding network than anything else we tested, and unlike previous Tile models, it even has a replaceable battery.

Bluetooth trackers let you use a smartphone app to monitor the location of whatever they’re attached to, and the Tile models have the best Bluetooth range by far, letting you find stuff that’s farther away. You can also remotely trigger a sound on the tracker to locate it when you’re nearby (say, when you’ve misplaced your keys in your house), and the Tile trackers are the loudest and easiest to hear. When the tracker is out of Bluetooth range, a crowd-finding feature lets other people help you locate your item, and Tile has the largest crowd-finding network of its kind. Tile’s trackers also look better than most.

The Bluetooth range of the Tile Mate is shorter than that of the Pro and its alarm isn’t as loud, but it’s still better than the trackers from any other company, and it’s fine for finding your keys around the house. It’s a good choice if you’re looking to spend a little less money, and like the Pro, it has a user-replaceable battery.

The Tile Slim has the shortest range and quietest alarm of Tile’s trackers, and its battery isn’t replaceable. But it still performs well compared to other company’s trackers, and because it’s the thickness of about three credit cards, it can fit places where other Tile models might not, such as in your wallet or stuck to the top of a portable hard drive. It’s also the only slim tracker that benefits from Tile’s crowd-finding reach.

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