Video game streamers and content creators, not too long ago, were the only people who required an at-home video setup. That’s no longer the case in 2020. The rise of remote working, distance learning and social distancing has forced much of the population to spend their days in front of their computers at home. So, although internet personalities may have already had the expensive camera, audio gear and green screen required for an at-home video setup, that certainly wasn’t the case for the rest of us.

Yet, thanks to advancements in technology and the popularity of activities like streaming games, people these days don’t need to dedicate a large amount of cash and space to achieve a high-quality video setup from home. That’s where software likeXSplit VCam shines.

At its core, XSplit VCam offers professional-level background replacement, removal and blurring that’s possible with any webcam and without the need for expensive green screens, complicated lighting setups and tons of space.

For starters, it lets you replace your background with an image, video, webpage or YouTube video. This functionality makes it quick and easy to have the perfect setup for your streaming and video-calling needs. So, whether you want to liven things up for a stream or look professional for a business call, this software has you covered. You can also add a bokeh effect while streaming or on a video call. That means you get a Portrait-style look and feel when on camera, which puts you in focus and blurs out your background. In other words, you can maintain privacy, hide any mess and improve the quality of your video — all with the same tool.

Equally important, this software is compatible with everything you need to or already use in 2020. XSplit VCam works with streaming apps such as Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), Streamlabs and XSplit. Meaning, you can broadcast your streams to every popular platform where gamers come to watch and hang out online, from Twitch and YouTube to Mixer, Facebook and more. Plus, since it integrates with Zoom, Google Meet, Skype and every other video conferencing app you’ve had to download this year, you can conveniently use it for work or when video chatting with family and friends.

Streams and video calls are now part of everyday life. XSplit VCam is a practical solution for navigating this new normal. Typically $49,a lifetime subscription to XSplit VCam (Windows Only) is on sale for a limited time for $20, 59% off its original price tag.

Prices are subject to change.

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