Printer-makers like HP had previously made their products work with Alexa, but now Amazon has created its own printing feature for its voice assistant. Print items like the shopping and to-do lists you create with Alexa, crossword puzzles, recipes or simply lined paper. If you’re worried the new feature will drain your ink, Amazon is one step ahead of you — Alexa can notify you when your ink is low, and can be set to automatically order more ink.

Most Echo devices can use Alexa Print with HP, Brother, Canon and Epson printers. It appears that you can only print documents from a preselected, albeit wide-ranging, list. Use Alexa to print your personal to-do lists, crosswords and games from The Los Angeles Times, recipes and educational worksheets for children, among other items. The feature doesn’t have third party integrations, meaning you can’t print specific files you’re working on, like a web page or Word document. So, there are limits to what you can print.

To keep tabs on your ink levels, Alexa can tell you when your printer is running low via either a voice or email low supply notification. You can also enable automatic reorders, and Alexa will automatically reorder ink at a 10 percent discount.

Alexa has previously been able to print with certain printers — like supported HP printers. But Alexa Print is Amazon’s first attempt to work directly with printer-makers.

Limitations aside, Alexa Print could be a handy feature for those working and/or teaching their kids at home. This is Alexa’s first foray into printing, so we’ll see if Amazon expands it over time.  Find out more at the printing with Alexa page here.

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